Bo's Legacy - Charlie

Dedicated to all who have enjoyed the love and companionship of a canine friend over many years....

Little by little the puppies began leaving and one day there was only one left, Charlie, and he was the spitting image of Buster in his youth.

Charlie moved into the house and Tosca began his schooling.

Unfortunately, Bo and Buster were not ready to share the house with little Charlie so Tosca had to do a lot of appeasing to keep the household under control.

Bo was the most understanding. He knew that life was always changing and that you had to accept new situations. Actually he was quite proud of Charlie. He was turning out to be a terrific swimmer and he was very respectful of grandpa Bo.

Charlie appreciated the knowledge he gained from Bo and enjoyed hanging out with him on the lawn.

Buster was a different matter, he saw Charlie as competition and got irritable anytime Charlie appeared to be having a good time. However, Charlie seemed to understand Buster and didn't take it personally. If things got out of hand, Tosca always came to the rescue to smooth matters out. Eventually, Bo, Buster, Tosca and Charlie became united in the goal of running RustRidge.

Buster and Bo handed some of their duties over to Tosca and Charlie, including the long hikes with guests to the top of the mountain, the evening escort service from the road down to the B&B and the nightly patrols of the vineyard.

Bo took on a more supervisory role with Buster doing the actual day to day training.

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