Bo's Legacy - Tosca

Dedicated to all who have enjoyed the love and companionship of a canine friend over many years....

When Bo was nine and Buster was five, their simple bachelor lives were disrupted by a female puppy named Tosca who took up residence at RustRidge with a vengeance.

Bo and Buster made a pact to ignore her at all costs. However, even after three months, Tosca's annoying behavior was irrepressible and no amount of avoidance or stern words seemed to dampen her spirits or her resolve to be one of the gang.

So, Bo and Buster finally relented and let her tag along with them as long as she kept her exuberance down to a minimum.

As the months passed they began to look at her in a different way. She started to look really attractive and smell even better.

All of a sudden she became an obsession with them and they wouldn't leave her alone, she was quite content to bask in all this attention.

Then one day the worst imaginable thing happened!

Tosca took over the house and wouldn't even let them enter. When Bo and Buster finally were able to steal a glance at the goings on they discovered to their horror, nine puppies living in their living room.

People were coming to visit and Tosca was acting like the crowned queen of RustRidge.

Days went by and the puppies seemed to get even more attention and they started to move about and make lots of noise.

Soon they were playing outside and taking over more and more of Buster and Bo's domain. As the puppies started to grow up and become more independent, they moved away from the house to different parts of the ranch and Bo and Buster were able to come home again. Even Tosca appeared to lose interest in her puppies and seemed to want to go back to her old life.

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