Bo's Legacy - Retirement

Dedicated to all who have enjoyed the love and companionship of a canine friend over many years....

In the Summer of 2001 Bo injured his knee jumping from his ranch vehicle.

Dr. Kent Rosenblum, Bo's good friend, performed his surgery. Rehabilitation was slow, however, Bo was able to continue to see old friends and conduct RustRidge business from the lawn between the B&B and tennis court.

Buster, Bo and Charlie checked-in frequently to get assignments and to ask advice. During Bo's recovery period, Buster began to have pain in his lower front right leg and would rest frequently near Bo.

When it became clear that Buster's leg was not getting better, he had it x-rayed. The results were not good.

Buster had osteosarcoma or bone cancer which had to be treated immediately. Buster's leg was amputated just above the knee by Dr. Rosenblum and he received one round of Chemotherapy.

Amazingly, Buster's recovery was immediate. He quickly learned to maneuver on three legs, he continued to swim with gusto and he relished in all the adulation he received from friends and family who marveled at his strength and determination.

Buster and Bo have recovered together and their love for each other has never stronger. They are enjoying their "retirement" and looking forward to the new season.

Footnote: On February 27, 2002 Bo died in an unfortunate accident. His death signaled the end of an era. Bo had been at RustRidge from the beginning and had shared with Susan and Jim all the experiences of starting a dream and seeing it through. His spirit lives on, his legacy continues and so will the cherished memories of his wisdom, courage, kindness and loyalty.

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